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Best dressings to eat oysters in Barcelona

Strict oyster enthusiasts argue that the only way to really appreciate the taste of the sea is to enjoy them without any condiments. Nonetheless, many guests prefer to enjoy this precious bivalve mollusc with a dash of something.

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The new ice-creams of El Nacional Barcelona

Summer is finally here and with the arrival of the heat ice-creams are back at El Nacional. But this year we have new flavours and more variety, come and taste them in Paseo de Gracia of Barcelona.

The ice-cream shop of El Nacional opens from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. A proposal with a privileged location: El Quiosc, a singular structure composed by two ancient balconies from La Coruña, united each other, that welcome visitors at El Nacional entrance.

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Mocktails or cocktails? You choose

To meet the demands of many customers who do not drink alcohol, but who do not want to give up on a good cocktail or being in company of those who do like to drink it, there is a specific heading on the menu, conceived for them: the so-called mocktails. The San Francisco is the most well-known, prepared using the juices of orange, lemon, pineapple and peach, but there is also a complete new generation of alcohol-free cocktails that you can try at Cocktail Bar of El Nacional Barcelona.


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Wine and sausage, the perfect pairing

Cheese and wine make the perfect couple

Stories tell that in ancient times, when wine dealers offered their products to be tasted by customers, they always accompanied them with cheese so that the strong flavour prevented them from detecting any faults in the wine. This is where the Spanish expression “don’t let them give it to you with cheese” comes from, warning of a possible scam.

Paradoxically, wine and cheese form one of the best duets in gastronomy and this simplicity gives great moments of pleasure. Of course, to avoid undesirable clashes, it is best to be guided by the experts and this can be done at El Nacional’s Wine Bar, where an expert will advise customers on the best way to accompany the different wines, with cheese and cold cure meat cuts, preserves and salted fish.


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Beer and preserves, our gastronomic proposal

We slip into the Beer Bar to savour the essence of Damm

El Nacional has a Bar of beers and preserves , an excellent beer bar to enjoy a pint of local beer,  accompanied with delicious classic tapas of meats, cheeses, pâtés and delicatessen fish smoked. The menu consists of a wide variety of classic beers, artisan and import, and preserves, such as the special “El Nacional” seafood or the delicious artisan products.

Beer is, without any doubt, one of the most popular drinks in our country; therefore it should have its own space within El Nacional. And to give it form and content, the restaurant could only join up with a brewery with an extensive range, prestigious and with roots in Barcelona: Damm is the brewery used by El Nacional.


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Classic Varieties and Author’s Cocktails

Whisky, gin, vodka and tequila brands complement the classic and signature cocktails

El Nacional’s Cocktail Bar is a paradise for cocktail and spirit lovers, who can enjoy a menu with classic and signature cocktails that are constantly being renewed, as well as many brands of whisky, gin, vodka, rum, tequila and brandy, which can be accompanied by toasts specially created for this space and with gourmet products from the other bars.


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Oysters and cava, a gourmet pleasure

The ideal space to indulge yourself at a special bar

Oysters and sparkling wines such as cava are subconsciously associated with gourmet pleasure, with an outing in good company, with the luxury that we all deserve at one point or another. And to enjoy it, you don’t have to go very far, at the heart of Barcelona, El Nacional’s most unique bar is the ideal place to indulge yourself.

The space, located opposite the restaurant’s entrance, is oval-shaped, like an oyster and it is the ideal venue to taste the purest flavours of the sea sealed in mother-of-pearl shells and at the same time, the best-prepared fruits of the land, such as cava sparkling wine and Champagne.


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