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A good rice dish in the city of Barcelona

If you are a fan of paella, you cannot miss the rice dishes we have to offer; all the flavour of the Mediterranean in La Taperia and La Llotja of El Nacional Barcelona.

Black rice, vegetable rice, mixed paella, fideuá … a wide variety of delicious options. Which one do we start with?

Tapas to share

In our restaurant La Taperia, one of the busiest areas of El Nacional Barcelona, ​​our rice dishes are served in a way to be shared:

– Seafood rice.

– Black rice with fish and seafood.

– Vegetable rice.

– Mixed paella.

All the hot dishes of the menu are served “a la malagueña”, where the staff go around the room calling out the names of the dishes and serving the customers who raise their hands. It’s a show to be experienced!

For those who prefer pasta, in La Taperia you can try the fideuá and the fideuá negra, both served with aioli on the side, so that diners can add the amount they wish.


Seafood paella, rice and fideuá dishes in La Llotja de El Nacional

The delicious dishes that are on the menu of our restaurant that specializes in fish are a must try. Served in the classic style, La Llotja customers, in addition to a wide variety of fish, can also try:

– Fish and seafood paella.

– Black rice with fish and seafood.

Fideuá served with aioli.

Come and try our dishes full of Mediterranean flavour. We look forward to welcoming you to El Nacional Barcelona from Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 2am!

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Aged meat, much more than a fashion

Some meats require an ageing time in order to be able to eat them in optimum conditions. In recent years, a new trend has appeared that is turning this ageing of beef into maturation, over-maturation and even extreme maturation, which has generated a debate, but with an agreement amongst gourmets and connoisseurs: ageing gives the meat more flavour and texture, it provides nuances; it can be compared to the aged meat of Iberian acorn-fed hams.

 When any beef animal is slaughtered, the meat needs a time for the rigor mortis to relax, which in the case of cows and oxen is at least 15 or 20 days. If the meat is eaten before this, it will be tough and leathery and a great deal of liquid will be released, because it will not have lost this during the ageing process.


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Come and try our Caesar salad

In El Nacional we prepare the Caesar salad in a particular way, since we marinate the chicken fillets in oil, so they don’t get dry and we serve it in buds. One of the secrets of this salad is the lettuce being very crispy, so iceberg or oak leaves must be avoided. The sauce of the salad is prepared with mayonnaise, lemon juice and anchovy fillets, and we add the classic croutons -that have been dried in the oven-, the grated Parmesan and the nuts.

An exclusive recipe that you can find in La Parada, one of our culinary spaces.

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What is the best time to eat shellfish?

Do you know that the months containing “r”, from September to April are the best for eating shellfish?

During the summer months, from May to August, many of the species considered as shellfish are in their reproductive period; the females spawn and lose weight, their flesh becomes soft and loses flavour and texture, and the quality drops.

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Which is the best dry aged meat?

Can any beef meat be subjected to these processes?

The answer is no, not all meat can be subjected to a long ageing process without losing properties and becoming inedible. It is a process to which only old cow and ox animals, carefully reared and fed, can be subjected. Are we clear what they are? Veal meat comes from young animals, up to a year old, of either sex. Here experts warn that at this age veal from heifers is better, although this is not normally indicated when we buy it.


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Bover snails, “El Nacional” -style

In La Braseria of El Nacional Barcelona we serve a large selection of starters and meat, to have with salad or vegetable side dishes, and some basic fish dishes

This culinary space offers a very special dish for snails lovers.

Bover snails, “El Nacional”-style

Snails have become a very present meal in Mediterranean cuisine. They offer numerous nutritional properties and provide few calories, making them a healthy and nutritious food.

The meat restaurant of the gastronomic multispace located in Paseo de Gracia, has a special recipe dedicated to this product, baptized as Bover snails, “El Nacional” -style. Served in their juices, finished in the charcoal oven, which gives them a roasted touch, and of course, with the essential alioli garlic sauce. A banquet for those who don’t mind getting their fingers dirty or who do not want meat.


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The exclusive and secret place in El Nacional

Each restaurant or bar at El Nacional has its own personality and style and in spite of being such an extensive complex, each venue creates its own ambience, as may be seen on a first visit. However, there is a space that is not seen during a visit of this type, a reserved venue, exclusively for groups where the best of El Nacional’s extensive culinary offer may be savoured.

The decoration of El Magatzem simulates what its name means in Catalan, a warehouse, with a wall of wooden boxes, bottles and other elements to be found in a place of this name, located, obviously, alongside the restaurant’s central kitchen.


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The seafood paella, on the Passeig de Gràcia

Catalonian-style, slow cooked and with a touch of Alicante

Often we associate Spanish paella with the coast, because it is true that often the best rice dices are found in the traditional coastal towns, right by the beach. But here El Nacional is also breaking with tradition and offers one of the best fish and seafood paellas in the Passeig de Gràcia, in the heart of Barcelona, without having to go down to the sea.


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