Aged meat, much more than a fashion

Some meats require an ageing time in order to be able to eat them in optimum conditions. In recent years, a new trend has appeared that is turning this ageing of beef into maturation, over-maturation and even extreme maturation, which has generated a debate, but with an agreement amongst gourmets and connoisseurs: ageing gives the meat more flavour and texture, it provides nuances; it can be compared to the aged meat of Iberian acorn-fed hams.

 When any beef animal is slaughtered, the meat needs a time for the rigor mortis to relax, which in the case of cows and oxen is at least 15 or 20 days. If the meat is eaten before this, it will be tough and leathery and a great deal of liquid will be released, because it will not have lost this during the ageing process.


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Best dressings to eat oysters in Barcelona

Strict oyster enthusiasts argue that the only way to really appreciate the taste of the sea is to enjoy them without any condiments. Nonetheless, many guests prefer to enjoy this precious bivalve mollusc with a dash of something.

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Live the most solidarity Christmas at El Nacional

As every Christmas, El Nacional starts out a fundraising campaign in favour of a goodwill cause. This year the money collected will support one of the most important pediatric centres of Europe: the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital. The objective of this campaign is to fund the childhood health investigation and research that this centre carries out.

The challenge is to overcome the almost 9,000€ raised last year with the Red Cross. To do it, from the 22nd of novembre and until the 6th of January, clients will be able to collaborate with 1 solidarity euro in their bills. Donations will be done at the following spaces: La Llotja, La Braseria, La Parada, La Taperia and the Oystrer Bar. El Nacional by its own, will add 10,000€ to this initiative.

Thanks for your collaboration!

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The new ice-creams of El Nacional Barcelona

Summer is finally here and with the arrival of the heat ice-creams are back at El Nacional. But this year we have new flavours and more variety, come and taste them in Paseo de Gracia of Barcelona.

The ice-cream shop of El Nacional opens from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. A proposal with a privileged location: El Quiosc, a singular structure composed by two ancient balconies from La Coruña, united each other, that welcome visitors at El Nacional entrance.

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Come and try our Caesar salad

In El Nacional we prepare the Caesar salad in a particular way, since we marinate the chicken fillets in oil, so they don’t get dry and we serve it in buds. One of the secrets of this salad is the lettuce being very crispy, so iceberg or oak leaves must be avoided. The sauce of the salad is prepared with mayonnaise, lemon juice and anchovy fillets, and we add the classic croutons -that have been dried in the oven-, the grated Parmesan and the nuts.

An exclusive recipe that you can find in La Parada, one of our culinary spaces.

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What is the best time to eat shellfish?

Do you know that the months containing “r”, from September to April are the best for eating shellfish?

During the summer months, from May to August, many of the species considered as shellfish are in their reproductive period; the females spawn and lose weight, their flesh becomes soft and loses flavour and texture, and the quality drops.

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Mocktails or cocktails? You choose

To meet the demands of many customers who do not drink alcohol, but who do not want to give up on a good cocktail or being in company of those who do like to drink it, there is a specific heading on the menu, conceived for them: the so-called mocktails. The San Francisco is the most well-known, prepared using the juices of orange, lemon, pineapple and peach, but there is also a complete new generation of alcohol-free cocktails that you can try at Cocktail Bar of El Nacional Barcelona.


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