Bover snails, “El Nacional” -style

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In La Braseria of El Nacional Barcelona we serve a large selection of starters and meat, to have with salad or vegetable side dishes, and some basic fish dishes

This culinary space offers a very special dish for snails lovers.

Bover snails, “El Nacional”-style

Snails have become a very present meal in Mediterranean cuisine. They offer numerous nutritional properties and provide few calories, making them a healthy and nutritious food.

The meat restaurant of the gastronomic multispace located in Paseo de Gracia, has a special recipe dedicated to this product, baptized as Bover snails, “El Nacional” -style. Served in their juices, finished in the charcoal oven, which gives them a roasted touch, and of course, with the essential alioli garlic sauce. A banquet for those who don’t mind getting their fingers dirty or who do not want meat.


Specialities of La Braseria

A Catalan speciality that can be found in La Braseria. In the menu of this culinary space, in addition, you can find the best ox meat. Our specialities include: ox steak tartar, large ox burger; stews as boneless ox osso buco stew with herbs, Iberian pork kokotxas (pork cheeks) with red wine, Barcelona-style cannelloni with béchamel and tomato sauce; and other meats as oven-baked whole little chicken, stuffed with bread and herbs, charcoal-grilled Duroc pig’s trotters with grilled vegetables, charcoal-grilled handmade Calaf sausage, with French fries and baked suckling lamb with potatoes, onion and garlic.

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