A good seafood meal at the heart of Barcelona

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El Nacional incorporates the seafood platter into La Taperia’s menu, the perfect place to eat some tapas in Barcelona.
Come with your family and friends and enjoy a good seafood platter made with fresh and quality products in a casual, relaxed and pleasant environment.

El Nacional seafood platter

El Nacional seafood platter is the main novelty on the extended La Taperia’s menu. Designed for two people, it can also be enjoyed by bigger groups.

A very complete dish that includes:
– Scampi
– Whelks
– Mussels
– Shrimps
– Razor clams

El Nacional recommends it to be accompanied by two sauces that cannot be missed in a delicacy like this: the romesco sauce and the mayonnaise.

A treat to pamper yourself in company that will perfectly pair with one of the two albariños on the menu, or with a good cava, if you want the occasion to be even more special.

– Torre la Moreira
– Pazo San Mauro

– Juvé y Camps, Reserva de la familia
– Sumarroca, Brut Reserva
– Raventós i Blanc, De nit

Come and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a good seafood meal at the heart of Barcelona!

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