The products

The star of our restaurant is the product.

In El Nacional you will only find high quality products from Spain, Portugal and the south of France.

<p>Meat:</p><p>matured pieces</p>


matured pieces

Beef of utmost quality, from León, considered by many experts to be the best meat in the world.
You will find it in:
<p>Fish: </p><p>Sea Bream</p>


Sea Bream

A fish that is highly appreciated in the culinary world for its versatility and for offering many delicious ways to prepare it.
You will find it in:
<p>Anchovies:</p><p>From the Cantábrico to L'Escala</p>


From the Cantábrico to L'Escala

We select the best anchovies of the Cantábrico and L'Escala, the most tasty, aromatic and with an intense flavour.
You will find it in:
<p>Oysters:</p><p>Galician oyster and from south of France</p>


Galician oyster and from south of France

Fresh product that is harvested by hand in the Galician Rias Baixas and southern France, a pure taste of the sea.
You will find it in:
<p>Shellfish:</p><p>Red prawn from Palamós</p>


Red prawn from Palamós

Its size, colour and, above all, its splendid flavour make this seafood a highly valued item in the markets
You will find it in:
<p>Ham:</p><p>Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Juan Manuel</p>


Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Juan Manuel

Only from animals that have been raised in the liberty of the pastures and with a good diet can a ham with incomparable flavour and aroma be obtained.
You will find it in:
<p>Cheeses: </p><p>Idiazábal and Blau de l'Avi Ton</p>


Idiazábal and Blau de l'Avi Ton

Cheese lovers will appreciate the nuances of these excellent cheeses made in the Basque Country, Navarra and Catalonia.
You will find it in:
<p>Fungus:</p><p>Fredolic, llanega and truffle</p>


Fredolic, llanega and truffle

The fredolic and the llanega are excellent mushrooms for stews and soups. The truffle is a gastronomic jewel, indispensable in haute cuisine.
<p>Beer:</p><p>Estrella Damm</p>


Estrella Damm

Mediterranean beer made from malt, rice and hops, elaborated following the recipe of August K. Damm. 100% natural ingredients.
You will find it in:
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