The products

The star of our restaurant is the product.

In El Nacional you will only find high quality products from Spain, Portugal and the south of France.

<p>Meat:</p><p>best aged pieces</p>


best aged pieces

Extremely high quality ox meat from Leon, considered by many experts to be the best meat in the world.
You will find it in:
<p>Fish:</p><p>Sea Bream</p>


Sea Bream

A highly-valued fish in the culinary world for its versatility and the many delicious ways in which it may be cooked.
You will find it in:
<p>Anchovies:</p><p>From the Cantabrian Sea to L'Escala</p>


From the Cantabrian Sea to L'Escala

We select the best anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and L'Escala, the tastiest, the most aromatic and with intense flavour.
You will find them in the:
<p>Oysters:</p><p>Oysters from Galicia and the south of France</p>


Oysters from Galicia and the south of France

Fresh produce, collected by hand in the Rías Baixas of Galicia and the south of France, pure taste of the sea.
You will find them in the:
<p>Shellfish:</p><p>Red prawns from Palamós</p>


Red prawns from Palamós

Its size, colour and, above all, its wonderful flavour make this a highly sought-after piece in markets.
You will find them in:
<p>Ham:</p><p>Juan Manuel Acorn-fed Iberian ham</p>


Juan Manuel Acorn-fed Iberian ham

Only from a free range animal with a good diet can you get ham with such unrivalled flavour and aroma.
You will find it in the:
<p>Cheese:</p><p>Idiazábal and Blau de l’Avi Ton</p>


Idiazábal and Blau de l’Avi Ton

Cheese lovers will be able to appreciate the nuances of these excellent cheeses made in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia.
You will find them in the:
<p>Mushrooms:</p><p>Fredolic, llanega and truffle</p>


Fredolic, llanega and truffle

The fredolic (Grey Knight) and the llanega are excellent mushrooms for stews and soups. The truffle is a culinary gem, an essential in haute cuisine.
<p>Beer:</p><p>Estrella Damm</p>


Estrella Damm

Mediterranean style beer with malt, rice and hops, brewed according August K. Damm recipe. 100% natural ingredients.
Lo encontrarás en:
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